Navigating Multifamily Customer Conflict
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Controlling the Controllable: Navigating Conflict with our Customers

How do we deal with the difficulties and hardships encountered when it comes to the people element of our industry? Watch the discussion as we explore ways to navigate and react when dealing with difficult customers — be they residents, prospects, or employees. Throughout the conversation, we discuss de-escalation tactics, how our unconscious bias can come into play and affect our reactions, and the role emotional intelligence plays in our responses and involvement with difficult people.

Learn more from Grace Hill’s webinar, “Controlling the Controllable: Navigating Conflict With Our Customers,” with Walter Songer, Leasing Pro and Senior PM National Trainer for The NRP Group.

Learning Objectives

Exploration of unconscious bias and identifying the role it may play in the way we engage with others.

Discussion of emotional intelligence to identify its effect on our personal communication style.

Tips on how to self-manage our reactions and avoid the pitfalls that come with triggers.


walter songer

Walter Songer

Senior PM National Trainer, The NRP Group

Starting his career with the NRP Group in 2010, Walter Songer has on-site experience working at both lease-up and stabilized communities, Affordable LIHTC, Market Race, and Senior Housing. Joining the Learning & Development team in 2014, Walter has made a name for himself by infusing his trainings with his signature mixture of high energy and humor. Walter graduated Summa Cum Laude from St. Edwards University with a B.A. in Communication with an emphasis in non-verbal and interpersonal communication. He also holds an Associate of Arts degree in the arts from Weatherford College, specializing in public speaking and theatre.

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