What's in Your Maintenance Toolbox? Your NOI Hidden Secret

What’s in Your Maintenance Toolbox?-The Hidden Secret to Your NOI

October 27, 2021 | Zoom

October 27, 3 – 3:20 p.m. EDT

Maintenance is often overlooked as the area that may drastically affect your organization’s revenue and impact NOI, but simply cutting budgets and spending as little as possible isn’t the best strategy for success. Instead, you need to optimize your entire maintenance approach. For independent rental owners, the stakes are even higher to control expenses and increase NOI.

Property owners, independent rental owners, managers, and maintenance teams join Stephanie Anderson in this micro-webinar, to learn the top five key maintenance areas to make significant impact on your revenue, plus keep residents and team members happier.  Stephanie will also share three quick things to implement immediately to help get you started.  All in twenty minutes or less? Come join Stephanie!

This micro-webinar is being presented by the Independent Rental Owners Committee.

In this micro-webinar you will learn:

  • Ways maintenance teams can increase effectiveness.
  • The top five areas of maintenance to impact your revenue.
  • Three initiatives to implement for immediate success.
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