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Over 2000 businesses (and counting) choose Grace Hill for training, policy, survey, mystery shopping and reputation management. Why? The answer is simple. Our technology and our team! Our solutions are designed specifically for multifamily and commercial property management companies. We are passionate about this industry and we have real-world experience that makes an impact for businesses like yours.
In other words, we LIVE and LOVE this stuff!

Making an Impact

For 25 years Grace Hill has provided trusted technology solutions that increase resident and tenant renewals, reduce operating risk, and improve net operating income (NOI).


How We Do It

When you combine our best-in-class training and policy manuals with our survey, mystery shopping, and reputation management solutions, you can create a cycle of continual improvement within your organization. These powerful products work together to increase satisfaction, improve efficiency, and reduce risk.

Helping Businesses Like Yours:

Work as a Team. Win as a Team.

Remote-first, but always connected.

We love people, family, pets and making an impact in the lives of our customers. We live out our core value of better together and 100% believe that we can do anything working as a team.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Kendall Pretzer | CEO at Grace Hill

Kendall Pretzer

Kendall is the CEO, joining in 2018 after her company, The Strategic Solution, was purchased by Grace Hill. She has devoted most of her career to commercial and multifamily real estate, having served the industry for 30-plus years. Kendall loves playing tennis and pickleball and has been married to Fred for 33 years; together, they have two children, Ben and Allison, a dog, Charlie, and a cat, Coco.

Charles loop CRO

Charles Loop

Chief Financial Officer
Charles is the CFO for Grace Hill and joined Grace Hill in the fall of 2022. Charles has led teams in finance, operations, and sales that delivered software and service solutions in various industries including travel, hospitality, and critical infrastructure services. He enjoys snow skiing and recreational cycling with his wife Lian of 29 years and sons, John and Eric.

Todd Harkness

Todd Harkness

Chief Revenue Officer
Todd is the CRO for Grace Hill. He has an extensive background in software sales and operations, having worked for several ERP software Fortune 100 companies. Todd joined Grace Hill in 2022. He is an accomplished BBQ enthusiast and spends much of his free time cooking, watching college sports and spending time with his wife, Angie and daughters Ava and Breeana and their dog Ziggy.

Traci Johnson

Traci Johnson

Chief Marketing Officer
Traci is the CMO for Grace Hill, joining in 2021. In her background, she has led marketing, sales, operations and product management for ERP software companies serving small and medium sized businesses for 30+ years. Traci enjoys cooking and traveling with her husband Rick. They have two grown children, Garrett and Katelyn and dog Kolby.

Greg Lozinak

Greg Lozinak

SVP of Account Management
Greg is the SVP of Account Management, joining the team in 2023. Having spent most of his career as a senior operations executive, Greg has a strong track record in commercial and multifamily real estate investment management, delivering above-benchmark investment returns. Greg is married to Amy and they have four adult children. In his spare time, Greg enjoys reading, hiking, and anything outdoors.

Rob Beauchamp

Rob Beauchamp

Chief Product Officer
Rob is the CPO for Grace Hill, joining in 2021. He brings with him 30+ years of enterprise software product, and engineering leadership experience. Having worked across multiple industries, he specializes in aligning product vision through execution across the organization. Rob has been married to his wife, Karen for 35 years and they have three sons, Ryan, Roman, and Reid.

Shae Green

Shae Green

SVP of Human Resources
Shae is the SVP of Human Resources for Grace Hill, joining in 2022. She has 20+ years of leading HR teams in diverse industries, forming sound partnerships with executives and senior leaders to improve/sustain employee performance, engagement, and growth. Shae has a husband and two daughters.

Krisann Gaiko

Krisann Gaiko

SVP of Content Strategy
Krisann is the SVP of Content Strategy for Grace Hill. She joined the team in 2018 after Grace Hill acquired The Strategic Solution. Krisann has spent her entire career in multifamily, including leasing consultant roles and various regional and director-level roles. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Jason, and children, Reese, Ryan, and Riley.

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