Onboarding: Building Strong Foundations for Employee Success
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The Art of Onboarding: Building Strong Foundations for Employee Success

Creating a positive first impression and fostering a welcoming culture is crucial to ensuring new hires start on the right foot. To achieve this, companies must clearly articulate the organizational structure; introduce new employees to the company's mission, vision, and values; and provide the necessary tools and resources for success. By implementing these effective onboarding strategies, companies can transform new hires into high-performing and valuable employees.

In This Webinar We Discuss

Benefits of effective onboarding.

Significance of creating a positive first impression.

Importance of providing necessary resources, tools, and information.

Advantages of providing ongoing coaching and support to employees.


Lissi Daniels Webinar Speaker

Lissi Daniels

As a national speaker, Lissi Daniels has dedicated over 16 years to the multifamily industry. Lissi has excelled as a leader, supporting teams and driving talent development. With expertise in leadership development, training, and performance evaluation, she is committed to helping individuals thrive in their roles. Lissi's deep love for education and mentoring is evident in her volunteer work with the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas and Tarrant County, where she contributes to the Education Committee and serves on the NAAEI Faculty. With boundless enthusiasm, Lissi empowers others by sharing her knowledge, motivation, and inspiration. Lissi is an NAAEI Faculty member and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in 2001.

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