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Weekly Training Tip: Keeping Your Compliance Knowledge Fresh

Posted on August 1, 2018 by Terra McVoy

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Grace Hill Training Tip of the Week

How do you Keep Compliance Knowledge Fresh?

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Compliance training is a company’s primary defense against fair housing, harassment, diversity, and drug-free workplace violations. But training is only as strong as it is current.


A typical approach to compliance training is to have one course that covers the basics, and then require employees to take that same course every year. One of the problems with that approach is that to develop true competency in a learning area, instruction should build upon previously-learned knowledge and skills, not simply repeat from year-to-year.


This is particularly important in the world of compliance where laws change and interpretations of those laws by government agencies and the courts are ever-evolving. It is important to continuously train employees on how to apply core concepts and skills to new situations and to give them opportunities to practice applying those skills in a low-stakes training environment. This is the path to true competency.


So what can you do to ensure your employees get the training they need to build their compliance muscle?


First, employees need to buy into the importance of engaging in regular compliance training.  “The world of compliance is ever-evolving” is a fundamental concept that is important to understand. Providing employees with big ideas like this equips them with a framework around which they can learn in a coherent way. Make “change” a theme when you talk about compliance, and revisit it periodically to help employees appreciate the importance of engaging in regular compliance training.


Second, provide new and up-to-date training annually. To solve this problem at Grace Hill, we recently introduced a Compliance Refresher Series.  Each refresher course reviews the basics in the compliance area, gives practical guidance on trending topics, provides authentic practice, and ends with a quiz to assess mastery of the course content. Most importantly, the courses are updated annually with all new content, graphics, activities, and quizzes to keep learners engaged.


As a trainer, your work is never done. In the fast-paced world of property management, you can’t afford to run in place or fall behind. This is one of the most challenging aspects of your job, but it can also one of the most invigorating.  Actively managing the changing world of compliance can help you be ready for whatever the compliance world throws your way.


To learn more about Grace Hill’s new compliance refresher series, call us at 866.472.2344 or schedule a free demo.

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