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Quiz: How Strong Is Your Sexual Harassment Policy?

Posted on January 8, 2018

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How Strong Is Your Sexual Harassment Policy? Take our quiz to find out!

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Our sexual harassment policy quiz helps you determine the strength of your organization’s policy so you can take any necessary actions to decrease your risk.

Recent high-profile sexual harassment allegations have highlighted the need for strong sexual harassment policy. Without it, organizations risk high settlement payments, public embarrassment and loss of potential business. How strong is your policy? Take our quiz to see how it measures up.

Last year, the DOJ recovered over $1 million for victims of sexual harassment in housing.


The Justice Department’s recent sexual harassment initiative has made strong measures to prevent sexual harassment more important than ever for multifamily property management companies. The best way to limit your liability is through thorough written policies and regular, effective training.

  • What does your written policy include?
  • Who is being trained?
  • How frequently are they being trained?

These factors determine how vulnerable your organization is to costly harassment claims. Take our sexual harassment policy quiz to evaluate the strength of your policy and the level of risk your organization faces.




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