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DIY Company Policies Are a Costly Gamble

If you attempt to save money by creating and managing policies in-house, you may not be weighing the potential risks and true cost of doing it yourself.

On the surface, it may seem simple to create company policies in-house, but the actual cost — and risk — involved with doing it yourself is staggering. Most multifamily organizations do not have internal staff with the procedural knowledge, regulatory expertise, or time needed to accurately document policies. Plus, frequently changing legal regulations require ongoing policy updates — putting companies that DIY policies at an increased risk of non-compliance.

Grace Hill uses decades of industry expertise to save you time and reduce your non-compliance risk. Our subject matter experts continuously monitor the industry’s legal landscape and proactively make necessary policy changes — protecting your people and your assets.

Establish the operating procedures your organization needs without the headache!

What does it actually take to create and manage policies?

Creating (and then managing) policies is a time-intensive process. Properly protecting your company requires not just a team of people — but a team of people with multifamily policy expertise. In total, it takes Grace Hill’s policy experts roughly 9 hours to create each policy, relying on in-house staff across the following roles:

  • Research
  • Legal compliance
  • Policy writing
  • Editing
  • Regulatory updates 
  • Project management
  • Data entry
  • Software development 
  • Software support

How much would it cost you to do it yourself?

Policy Creation Cost per Hour 1
Hours To Create Each Policy 2
Number of Policies Needed 3

Fair Housing Mistakes Are Costly

Can You Afford a $3M Settlement4? The best defense against a Fair Housing claim is a strong foundation of policies and training that reinforce the principles of HUD’s legal requirements.

Protect Yourself With a Digital Paper Trail

In addition to comprehensive and current policies, Grace Hill’s solution includes policy acknowledgments that create a digital paper trail — ensuring legal compliance while simplifying the process for employees. Plus, detailed version history captures exactly how a policy was written when the employee acknowledged it, offering clear evidence of what was signed and when. A proactive approach to Fair Housing (and all regulations) can mitigate financial risk and demonstrate your company’s commitment to integrity and inclusivity.

Don't risk costly mistakes. Contact us to learn why you can’t afford to DIY your policies.

1 Grace Hill Internal Policy Creation Cost Model 

2 Grace Hill Policy Creation Time  Model 

3 Total policies in most popular manuals purchased by Grace Hill Policy customers (Management & Ops; Leasing & Marketing; Maintenance; Emergency Procedures). 

4 Fair Housing: HUD Announces $3M Settlement

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