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2023 Impact Hero Awards

Felicia Flores

Indus Communities

Recognizing heroes making a difference in our industry and
in their local community.

Felicia Flores Impact Hero Award 2023 Finalist

Inspiring Hope in Houston

Hard-working. Compassionate. Generous. Driven. When asked to describe Felicia Flores, these were just a few of the words that bubbled to the surface. With a deep history of community service and nonprofit support, her current position with the Indus Cares Foundation has perfectly positioned her to be a catalyst for change and human flourishing.

Although Felicia has only been in her current role since September 2022, her drive and desire to help others has been a constant thread throughout a career spanning various industries. Because whether she was working in the restaurant space, the financial sector, or healthcare, she was spending her free time invested in community support and service — volunteering, fundraising, and performing — to raise money for many different nonprofit organizations.

Founded in 2013 by the owner of Indus Communities, Ajay Gupta, the Indus Cares
Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting advances in medical care, health and wellness education, and literacy for underserved children in the Houston community.

Their work primarily focuses on 38 Indus properties within nine Houston zip codes where many low-income families and refugee status seekers live; their needs are significant. Felicia’s role as the Program Manager for Indus Cares is to determine the challenges residents face and then coordinate new and established programs that match Indus’ corporate and charitable values.

To date, her efforts have made a tremendous impact. Although she has only been in her position for a short time, she has quickly learned the needs of the multifamily communities Indus serves and works tirelessly to bridge gaps. As a result, the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of the Indus communities she supports have

"With her boundless compassion and tireless efforts, Felicia provides an inspiring example of selfless and generous community service. Her dedication to making the world a better place through volunteering has left an indelible mark on the hearts of many."

- Felicia Flores

Learn more about Felicia, and the impact of the Indus Cares Foundation in the community.

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