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2023 Impact Hero Awards

Jason Richards

Trinity Property Consultants

Recognizing heroes making a difference in our industry and
in their local community.

Jason Richards Impact Hero Award 2023 Finalist

Urban League for Young Professionals

In Houston, Texas, a man with a heart as vast as his city tirelessly works to create a better life for the next generation. Meet Jason Richards, a multifamily professional, dedicated community servant, and humble leader who has spent over a decade dedicating his life to improving his community. And as a result, he has left an indelible mark on countless lives. From leading transformative initiatives to inspiring young men, Jason is committed to making a difference.

He became an integral part of the Houston Area Urban League for Young Professionals, where he met like-minded individuals striving to make a difference. This marked the beginning of his dedicated journey toward building a brighter future for the next generation and amplifying his impact through partnerships.

Jason’s work to transform communities is rooted in servant leadership, and a driving force in that endeavor is his involvement with Rho Beta Beta (RBB), the graduate chapter of Omega Psi Phi. The Rho Beta Beta chapter consists of men who remain committed to the fraternity's four guiding principles: Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift.

"I was active with Omega’s D.C. chapter, so whether it was an occasional benefit walk, backpack drive, or food bank day, I would always help out,” said Jason. “But when I moved to Houston, I didn't know many people, so with a lot of free time, I started investing back into the community."

- Jason Richards

Learn more about Jason, and the impact of the Houston Area Urban League for Young Professionals has on the local community.

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