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Kingsley Excellence Awards

Recognizing the top performing properties and companies in real estate management

Showcase your properties and celebrate top performance with a Kingsley Excellence Award! Each year, Grace Hill recognizes individual properties and companies with the highest overall satisfaction and provides the winners with everything they need to promote their achievement.

You work hard to give your residents and tenants the best experience possible at your properties. Showcase your team and the quality you provide to current residents and tenants while highlighting why prospective renters would love your property! The Kingsley Excellence Awards provide the opportunity to share your achievements and gain industry-wide recognition for high performance.

Multifamily Clients

To be featured in the Kingsley Excellence Award Top 100 or Elite 5, winners must exceed Grace Hill’s Kingsley Index™ for overall satisfaction the prior year. The Kingsley Index is real estate's most comprehensive performance benchmarking database used to level-set, compare, and track property performance against industry standards.

KingsleySurveys analyzes over 7 million prospect and resident surveys annually, and the Kingsley Index includes data from over 100 companies, including 5 of the 6 largest property managers!

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Commercial Real Estate Clients

Each year, we recognize individual commercial real estate properties that outperform the Kingsley Index benchmark for overall satisfaction and highlight their achievement with the Kingsley Excellence Award.

Properties with a perfect 5.0 overall tenant satisfaction score for two years in a row also qualify for the 100% Club. The Elite 5 further recognizes the top CRE organizations with the highest overall tenant satisfaction scores across their portfolio.  These special distinctions offer additional opportunities to showcase the property or portfolio’s exceptional performance.

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Download this brochure to learn how the Kingsley Excellence Awards program can help you stand out from the competition.

2024 Kingsley Excellence Awards Winners

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Top 100 Multifamily Properties

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Elite 5 Multifamily Companies

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Commercial Real Estate 100% Club

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Commercial Real Estate Elite 5

Are you ready to elevate resident and tenant satisfaction now and compete for the Kingsley Excellence Awards?

Talk to one of our Grace Hill experts who can help customize a survey program that fits your needs.

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