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Listen, learn and even laugh a little. This year’s Performance Summit keynotes raise the bar for inspiration and motivation higher than ever before. This is who everyone will be talking about:

Sam Glenn

Sam Glenn is one of the most recognized and trusted keynote motivational speakers in the speaking industry today, having impacted audiences of all sizes—some as large as 75,000. He sets a positive and energetic tone that gets audiences engaged and ready to learn, grow and have fun. People relate to his stories and humor and embrace his relevant ideas for improving their personal and professional life. Sam is the author of more than 30 books based on his research. Hundreds of organizations use Sam’s videos – weekly to kick off their staff meetings and cultivate positivity in the workplace. 

By weaving his uplifting personal story into his topics which revolve around attitude, empowerment, leadership, peak performance, employee engagement, transformation, customer service and teamwork, he is an expert in igniting personal and professional positivity. Sam’s most rewarding title in life is being called Dad by his three kids and husband by his super awesome wife. They currently reside in Indianapolis.

Dr. Debbie Phillips

Dr. Debbie Phillips is an internationally recognized real estate professional with over 32 years of experience with diverse property types. As an entrepreneur, Debbie has a multi-faceted career, including creating world-class leadership development programs and talent management strategies. In addition to her private consulting, Debbie serves as an Adjunct Professor for numerous universities including the Georgia Institute of Technology and The New School of Architecture and Design in San Diego. Debbie is actively involved in industry organizations and serves in advisory roles for housing, education, and workforce development. As a keynote speaker and nationally acclaimed author, she exudes passion for promoting careers in the real estate industry.

Alycia Anderson

Alycia Anderson is on a mission to motivate and invoke change through the power of diversity and inclusion. She is an accomplished TEDx motivational speaker, corporate inclusion coach and the RVP of Sales at Knock, a multifamily CRM tech platform that helps leasing agents connect with renters and property managers to understand how their business is performing. Anderson holds a European Masters Degree from KU Leuven, Belgium in Adapted Physical Activity emphasizing the benefits, practices and principles of inclusion.

Anderson is a tennis player, cyclist, identical twin and has been wheelchair-bound since birth. Born with sacral agenesis, her mission is to spread the power of diversity and inclusion to inspire all people in feeling limitless in living up to their fullest personal and professional potential. Using her voice to share her journey, Anderson aims to help communities, companies and organizations understand the true benefits inherent to building a diverse and inclusive society.

Russ Webb

Russ Webb is the executive director for the Bay Area Apartment Association. With a successful background in hospitality, event, and non-profit management, it’s no surprise that Russ thrives off the challenge of serving an apartment association where every day is completely different from the day before. As a well-known speaker and trainer on all things tech and customer service related, he is a natural-born leader in the multifamily industry.

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