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Report: US Commercial Real Estate Re-Occupancy Plans and Priorities

How Property Owners and Managers Can Plot a Data-Informed Path Forward for 2021

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) was immediately impacted when COVID-19 upended the world as we know it and offices were forced to shut down operations. With vaccines being distributed around the world, there is hope for a safe return to the workplace, but what will re-occupancy really look like?


In order to understand how the pandemic has impacted CRE tenant needs and expectations, KingsleySurveys (Powered by Grace Hill) partnered with Building Engines to survey 1,364 tenants in 1,373 properties across 45 US states.


This free report contains data-driven findings that property owners and managers can use to start shaping their company’s plans for re-occupancy.


You’ll gain insights into:


  • How tenants are reconfiguring their workspaces in response to health concerns  
  • The main factors now driving tenant satisfaction and likelihood to renew leases 
  • Top safety measures tenants expect from property management 
  • And much more!

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