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Is Resident Turnover Burning Through Your Budget?

Every time a resident moves out, the effort and expense of renting the apartment drains your budget by nearly $4,000!

Suffering from high resident turnover is more than just a hassle — the actual financial impact is staggering. It can take almost 18 months to recoup that expense, and depending on your lease terms, you may cycle through several more residents before those costs are recovered. 

Reducing your staff turnover can directly impact resident turnover.

Tenured staff know the history of their community and build relationships with residents, which improves everyone’s experience. In fact, 1 in 4 properties with low staff turnover achieved 70% resident retention

When a resident leaves, it costs you nearly $4,000!

Find out your company’s annual resident turnover cost with our calculator below:

To get you started we've included industry average data as an example.

Resident Turnover Cost Calculator
Your Annual Resident Turnover Rate
Number of Units
Turnover Cost Per Unit

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