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Empower Your Team To Recognize and Prevent Sexual Harassment

Go beyond simple compliance and set the standard for a workplace culture of respect and inclusion. Otherwise, the penalties could be costly for lawsuits and damaging to your reputation as an employer.

Sexual Harassment Is More Than Just Compliance

Sure, the lawsuits are expensive. But what's equally as bad is the damage to your company's reputation when employees aren't treated with dignity and respect.

Grace Hill provides the resources to go beyond just checking the box on compliance. We help you set high standards and train employees to build a respectful workplace. The training and policies you get by partnering with Grace Hill will help your company become a place where everyone feels comfortable and empowered to do their best work.

Reduce Legal Liability

Create an Inclusive & Respectful Workplace Culture

Attract & Retain Top Talent

Deliver Effective Compliance Training

  • Go beyond just checking a box by providing compliance training that supports an inclusive workplace culture.
  • Protect your company and your people by giving employees tools for increased awareness and guidance on how to respond to sexual harassment.

No matter

where you are or who you are,

we've got you covered.

Grace Hill provides training that meets federal requirements and specific state or regional standards in California, Connecticut, Delaware, New York and New York City, Illinois and Chicago, Maine, and Maryland, in English and Spanish for both employees and supervisors.

Curious about more compliance training courses?

Review our Digital Course Catalog to search through our extensive library, which is packed with topics to empower your team and elevate their performance.

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Communicate Compliance Standards

  • Set a high standard for company behavior with policies that outline how everyone’s actions contribute to a safe and respectful workplace environment.
  • Provide a centralized hub of compliance and company information to ensure everyone has access to consistent versions of your policies.
  • Rest assured that you have the most up-to-date compliance policy information with Grace Hill’s continuous industry and legal monitoring.
Sexual Harassment Checklist_Mock up

Are you doing enough to protect your people (and your company) from incidents of sexual harassment? We’ve put together a checklist for you to review your current setup and practices. Use this checklist to evaluate what additional resources you need to protect your company against claims.

Go beyond the minimum requirements.

Build a training and policy framework that sets a high standard for workplace respect and inclusion. Partner with Grace Hill for the best resources for Sexual Harassment compliance.

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