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Grace Hill, an innovator of talent and customer management solutions for commercial and multifamily real estate, announced the acquisition of Edge2Learn, an e-learning company providing training and policy management solutions in the multifamily industry, and Ellis Partners in Management Solutions (“Ellis”), a provider of mystery shopping and resident and employee survey solutions. The acquisition provides a next-generation employee and property intelligence platform that maximizes an employee's potential and a company’s bottom line.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Our most successful multifamily clients are effective in assessing guest experience and adjusting quickly to correct. With mystery shopping, clients benefit from a discrete, timely, and unbiased performance report with short, online training courses included to address specific skill gaps identified during the shop.

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We are multifamily training experts. Our team of industry veterans has the experience and research to prepare your team for the job! Our LMS supports any size organization with powerful admin tools to automate assignments. And you can customize learning paths with sales, customer service, leadership, and more. You'll also stay at the forefront of industry training as we develop new courseware.

Vision LMS

Operating Procedures


Mitigate liability risks with a trusted policy solution that streamlines the management of your operating procedures. It helps your team find vital information with instant access in an intuitive layout. No more searching through binders to find a process or form!

You'll also stay on top of local and federal changes with updates from our team of experts. We've got you covered on subjects like Fair Housing, ADA, OSHA, and more!

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Data & Insights


Do what your competitors aren't doing well: Listen to your residents! Grace Hill surveys are the multifamily industry’s most trusted solution for resident feedback. Combine actionable insights with accurate benchmarking to be the top choice for renters.

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Kendall Pretzer | CEO at Grace Hill

“Edge2Learn and Ellis share our commitment to developing best-in-class training, mystery shopping, and management solutions to help leading real estate operators and owners increase property performance, reduce operating risk and grow and develop employees. By bringing our resources together, we will create a clear leader in the industry, enabling us to further deliver on our mission to improve employee performance and development while delivering important insights to owners and operators."

- Kendall Pretzer, CEO 

Learn how integrating policies and procedures with training and assessments can improve company performance, reduce compliance risk, and increase employee engagement.

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