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Enhanced property performance is just a survey away

KingsleySurveys engage residents, employees and prospects, turning key insights into operational actions. This enables owners and operators of multifamily properties to retain and attract residents, reduce employee turnover and strengthen community reputation.

Assess and Improve Customer Experience

Survey and track resident satisfaction from move in to move-out, evaluate performance level of leasing, maintenance and management service and measure importance of property features and gauge resident priorities.

  • Gauge and benchmark resident satisfaction and renewal intention
  • Optimize resident retention
  • Evaluate the perceptions of residents and prospects to help you identify what matters
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Stand Out in the Market with a
Kingsley Excellence Award

Each year, we recognize individual properties that achieved outstanding performance year-over-year through our Kingsley Excellence Award. Award winners must exceed their program's previous year Kingsley Index for overall satisfaction.
  • Utilize our robust reporting engine to translate critical performance metrics into actionable insights
  • Elevate property reputation with meaningful survey findings distributed through your digital marketing ecosystem
  • Promote your achievements and stand out with a Kingsley Excellence Award
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Distribute Survey Findings Through Your Digital Marketing Ecosystem

  • Push survey data directly to popular social media, internet listing and apartment review sites
  • Redirect to Google with customized review feed tools
  • Screen and post reviews on your own property websites

Enhance Your Online Brand and Reputation

With 85% of residents indicating that their leasing decisions are influenced by online ratings and reviews, it’s even more important than ever to have positive online reviews. We can help simplify your view of the online world with ReputationBuilder, a one-stop repository to help you monitor, manage and enhance your online reputation.

Gather Critical Feedback with Employee Surveys

Highly engaged employees can deliver increased productivity and profitability. Surveys conducted through our Kingsley Employee Engagement Program (KEEP) provide clients with:

  • Objective feedback to identify strengths
  • Opportunities and best practices around workforce engagement, employee satisfaction and job fulfillment
  • Trust in leadership, inclusion, belonging and more.

When paired with our resident surveys, employee surveys can measure the impact of employee engagement on resident satisfaction and retention.


Improve Resident Satisfaction & Retention


Improving service delivery is the high-impact, low-cost way to improve property performance. The Assessing the Customer Experience (ACE) program offers the benefits of Kingsley's industry-leading Resident Satisfaction Assessment to single communities and smaller portfolios, and provides baseline satisfaction metrics for new properties or those in the due diligence phase of purchase.


The program objectively measures and benchmarks the quality of service delivery and building operations, indicating clear roadmaps for increased satisfaction and retention. Survey areas include the following:

  • Overall resident satisfaction
  • Perceptions of property features
  • Satisfaction with management, leasing, and maintenance service levels
  • Current needs and priorities of the resident base
  • Renewal intent and likelihood of property recommendation

Propel Your Growth with Client Surveys

Your client’s opinions and feedback are two of the most important factors that validate important decisions within your business, catalyzing your sustainability and growth. Our client surveys are web-based and easy to deploy to help you map business goals, gauge client priorities, conduct competitive assessments using client perceptions, evaluate the implementation, and more.

Deliver Flexible Surveys with Forward-thinking Analytics

  • Craft and deploy property-specific surveys that are web-based, user-friendly and accessible from any device
  • Tap into our team of experts for analysis of survey outcomes and recommendations for moving ahead
  • Access the Kingsley Index, real estate’s most comprehensive benchmarking database to level set, compare and track property performance

Serving Multiple Sectors

We offer tenant surveys to evaluate and benchmark tenant perceptions and renewal intentions across a portfolio of commercial properties.


KingsleySurveys by The Numbers

Over 5M

Number of residents and prospects surveyed annually

5 out of 6

Number of nation’s largest property management companies using our survey solutions


Number of years we’ve been surveying the real estate industry

“We are rather obsessed with KingsleySurveys and use it to drive focus and change in almost everything we do. If it’s not measured in Kingsley, it must not be that important.”


Brian Ericson

Sr. VP of Marketing
Wood Partners

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