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Comprehensive Employee Engagement Program

Attract and retain top talent by proactively capturing ongoing feedback

Retain top talent. Reduce employee turnover.

Employee turnover costs multifamily organizations over $2.5 million per year1 in recruiting, training, and lost productivity. The remaining employees burn out, causing a ripple effect that ultimately leads to higher resident turnover. At the same time, disengaged employees cost organizations $300 million each year2 — further impacting stakeholder relationships and damaging company culture.

What Does Employee Turnover Really Cost You?


Annual Multifamily Employee Turnover Rate3


The Average Cost Per Hire - It also takes 36 to 42 to fill the average position in the United States.4

Calculate your company’s annual turnover costs using our Employee Turnover Cost Calculator!

Measure Satisfaction Throughout the Employee Journey

The first step to combat turnover is to create an environment where your team can share their feedback and trust that management will take action. Grace Hill can help you understand what matters most to your team and develop a culture where employees feel challenged. By measuring what is working (or not working) in your company, you can proactively make changes that build employee loyalty, improve productivity, and protect your bottom line.

Annual Employee Engagement Surveys

Our Annual Employee Surveys help multifamily companies improve employee engagement, productivity, and loyalty. Capture and measure your employee sentiment KPIs over time, continually benchmarking and improving. Gather unbiased feedback on seven dimensions of employee engagement for a full picture of your organization’s performance.

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Pulse Surveys

Capture feedback from your staff at critical moments of their employment journey. Ongoing actionable insights offer a more holistic understanding of the key drivers that impact your employees’ overall satisfaction. Send pulse surveys during recruiting, onboarding, training, and offboarding to fully understand your employees’ perspectives.

Ongoing Moments That Matter Surveys

Capture feedback at critical moments of the employment journey including recruiting, onboarding, training, and offboarding. Unbiased insight on these important times offers a more holistic understanding of the key drivers that impact your employees’ overall satisfaction. Ongoing Moments That Matter surveys can be added to your standard engagement program, providing essential, actionable feedback that improves retention.

Moments That Matter Employee Survey

Capture feedback at critical moments of the employment journey.


Captures feedback immediately after the recruiting, interviewing and decision process, providing valuable insight on your hiring process.


Increase retention by capturing feedback on the new hire experience during their critical first 90 days of employment.


Gather valuable insight into the effectiveness of your training programs, helping you create a more engaged and motivated team.


Get candid feedback from departing employees to understand what's driving turnover at your organization.

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Real-Time Dashboard Analytics

Get the real-time insights leaders need to understand and quickly act on employee feedback. Track results as they come in with alert notifications that let you respond immediately to concerns and develop solutions before it’s too late. Reducing the time it takes to act on employee feedback builds trust and loyalty among your team. Plus, you can compare your results to the Kingsley Index™ for relevant benchmarks that highlight where to focus your improvement efforts.

Retain Employees. Retain Residents.

23% of property managers with low staff churn achieved a 70% resident retention rate vs. only 3% of firms with high staff turnover.3

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Our dedicated team can customize your survey questions and branding to fit your organization's needs. Work with our experts for in-depth analysis of key findings, strategic recommendations, and steps to improve employee retention.

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Resident Surveys

Resident Survey Program

Resident survey programs by KingsleySurveys are built to provide a line of communication with your residents and prospects, helping to improve resident retention and reduce vacancy rates. Elevate your customer service performance today by adding resident surveys to your strategy!

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