Webinar: The Implications of AI on Fair Housing
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The Implications of AI on Fair Housing

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As Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly popular, its impact on Fair Housing practices is becoming a critical concern. From automated tenant screening to predictive analytics for property valuation and maintenance, AI tools promise efficiency and insights but also pose potential risks for bias and discrimination. 

This webinar explores the implications of AI technology in Fair Housing and rental property management and is designed to explore the complex interplay between AI innovations and Fair Housing obligations. Learn about the potential benefits and challenges of using AI in leasing and property management processes, as well as best practices for ensuring compliance with Fair Housing laws.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the impact of AI on Fair Housing practices, including potential benefits and challenges.

  2. Identify best practices for using AI in leasing and property management processes while maintaining compliance with Fair Housing laws.

  3. Explore strategies for monitoring and addressing potential bias in AI algorithms and data sets used in rental property management.

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Megan Orser, CEO and Residential Manager, Smart Apartment Solutions & Smart Moves

Introducing Megan, the SAS (Smart Apartment Solutions) powerhouse. With over 26 years of experience in apartment management and a Marketing and Communications degree from the University of Michigan, Megan brings a unique generational perspective to her work. She holds multiple accreditations, including HCCP and CALP, and is actively pursuing her Michigan Brokers license while being a CPM Candidate. 

As the head of operations for Smart Apartment Solutions and Smart Moves LLC, Megan offers occupancy solutions and property management services throughout the Midwest. Beyond her professional commitments, Megan actively serves on various local, state, and national committees and councils, such as IREM, NAA, and NAAEI. She has held past and current board positions with her local and state affiliates, and she currently holds the chair position for the Independent Rental Owner committee with NAA for 2024. In recognition of her expertise and contributions, Megan has been honored with two NAA Excel Awards, CALP of the Year and Industry Educator of the Year.

Megan, supported by the Smart HQ team and affectionately known as "Smart Chick Megan," delivers engaging and interactive educational sessions based on practical experience and personal insights. Prepare yourself to embark on a journey of knowledge with Smart Chick Megan.

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