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The Kingsley Index

The most comprehensive performance benchmarking database in the real estate industry

When it comes to analyzing and comparing multifamily survey data, no one does it better than Grace Hill and KingsleySurveys. The Kingsley Index™ is the most comprehensive performance benchmarking database specific to the real estate industry. Compiled from over 35 years of analyzing the performance of industry leaders, our trusted index has become the industry standard for measuring prospect, resident, and employee satisfaction.

The Kingsley Index is the most extensive benchmark available to the property management industry, with over 7 million residents surveyed annually and data from over 100 companies, including 5 of the 6 largest apartment managers.

Forecast Resident Retention

Identify Operational Gaps

Define Marketing Strategy

Prioritize Property Investments

Dynamic Reporting and Analysis KingsleySurveys

Customized Benchmarks

Accurate benchmarking is dependent on relevant data. Customize your benchmark to allow you to compare results against other properties based on property type and quality, geography, size, and more!

Actionable Performance Assessment

The Kingsley Index ensures a realistic and actionable assessment of portfolio performance. Level-set, compare, and track property performance against industry standards with the most well-known and widely used performance benchmark in the multifamily industry.

Actionable Performance Assessment Kingsley Index
Thomas Stanchak Director of Sustainability, Stoneweg

"If you lack a benchmark, your KPIs are unilateral, which diminishes the ability to create accountability for the outcomes. We believe when our work moves the trend of these scores up, it supports our goal of a high-quality living experience and will deliver the full value for our investors."

Thomas Stanchak
Director of Sustainability

Kingsley Excellence Awards

To be featured in the Kingsley Excellence Award Top 100 or Elite 5, winners must exceed Grace Hill’s Kingsley Index for overall satisfaction the prior year.

Top 100 and Elite 5 Winners Recognized for Superior Performance

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Highest Resident Overall Satisfaction Scores

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Top-Performing Across Main Client Tiers

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