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Upgrade Your Policies This Fall!

Are your company's policies in need of a refresh?
Basic policies are like cold black coffee that’s been sitting on your desk for hours. Upgraded policy management is like hot coffee in your favorite mug on a cool fall morning!

When onsite teams can’t find the policies, procedures, or proper forms to do their job right, mistakes are common. Don’t let that kind of cold coffee dull your fall sunshine! Explore policy solutions built for multifamily property management and hear real-world situations where basic policies just didn't cut it.

Learning Objectives

Learn the risk of having basic policies.

Examples of real-world multifamily situations.

Benefits of just-in-time learning.

How to get started quick.



Krisann Gaiko
Senior Vice President of Content Strategy

Krisann has been an essential member of Grace Hill since 2018, joining the team when Grace Hill acquired The Strategic Solution. With more than 30 years of experience in multifamily, she began her journey as an onsite leasing consultant before advancing to positions such as regional manager and director of training. In the past 18 years, Krisann has made immense industry contributions by aiding numerous companies in writing and managing their policies and procedures. She is currently the SVP of Content Strategy, where she is responsible for ensuring that Grace Hill's policy content supports the ever-changing needs of the real estate industry.

Jay Thompson Senior Sales Engineer Grace Hill, Inc.

Jay Thompson
Senior Sales Engineer

Having served as both a regional property manager for a national brand and an account manager for Grace HIll’s strategic accounts, Jay Thompson knows what it takes to elevate property performance and reduce operating risk in multifamily. He now leads a team of multifamily sales engineers that focus on delivering the impact of Grace Hill's suite of solutions. Jay also chairs the Bay Area Apartment Association Supplier Committee, serving as membership committee co-chair and as a Florida Apartment Association board member on the Editorial Advisory and Strategic Planning Committee. He serves at both the state and national level, earning the Associate Volunteer of the Year for the Bay Area Apartment Association at the annual Florida Apartment Association conference.

Amy Cortez Vice President of Sales Grace Hill, Inc.

Amy Cortez
Vice President of Sales

Amy Cortez is an experienced sales and operations leader with over 20 years of service in various roles, including SVP/Division Leader, VP of Sales and Marketing, VP of Sales, and Director of Sales and Marketing. Amy is passionate about understanding her customers’ needs and uses her business knowledge to help guide them to solutions that make a real impact on their business. From her B.S. in Computer Science and deep experience in B2B software sales, Amy specializes in helping her customers overcome their toughest challenges.

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