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Grace Hill helps companies managing multifamily residential properties develop and retain top talent to reduce operating risk and elevate property performance — with an integrated talent performance management platform encompassing policies, training, and assessment. Its advanced technology-enabled solutions are bolstered by years of multifamily experience, in-depth service level expertise, and outstanding customer support. Today, over 1,400 companies covering a workforce of over 500,000 people rely on talent performance solutions from Grace Hill.

Find out why top property management companies choose Grace Hill for their talent management solutions.

We strategically partner with best-in-class companies to provide elevated and unique benefits for our customers. Learn more here.

19 Years of Training
  • 1999
  • 2000
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With over 4 million courses taken

Over 300,000 Learners Actively Training
Over 1300 Companies use our online training courseware and administration
Two Generations (over 1 million) of industry professionals trained

Our Team

Meet the Grace Hill Team

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  • Dru Armstrong
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Kendall Pretzer
    Executive Vice President
  • Adam Kaufman
    SVP, Marketing
  • Robert Gettys
    VP, Business Development
  • Mark Piening
    SVP, Sales
  • Tami Criswell
    VP, Product & Development
  • Christi Dobbins
    Director, Validate Success
  • Ellen Clark
    Sr. Director, Content
  • Jennifer Blankenship
    Sr. Director, Account Management
  • Krisann Gaiko
    Sr. Director, Account Management
  • Gigi Francois
    Sr. Director, Account Management
  • Lori Hardy
    Director, PolicyPartner Success
  • Patti Singleton
    Director of Events
  • Terra McVoy
    Marketing Manager
  • Ruth Redmond
    Director, People Success
  • Aaron Villarreal
    Director, Client Success
  • Abe Khiralla
    Administrative Support Specialist
  • Alexis Brown
    Account Management Associate
  • Allison Lyles
  • Amanda Foreman
    Account Manager
  • Amber Harris
    Account Manager
  • Amy Cunningham
    Senior Account Manager
  • Amy McClellan
    Content Marketing Manager
  • Amy Thomas
    Product Owner, Enablement Tools
  • Angie Stevens
    Content Manager
  • Ashley Smith
    Manager, Customer Support
  • Bart De Nef
    Software Engineer
  • Brad Southards
    Account Manager
  • Brandon Emerson
    Junior Software Engineer
  • Carly Weaver
    Contract Administrator
  • Chris Curry
    Senior Courseware Developer
  • Chris Guirl
    Senior Development Team Lead
  • Chris Underwood
    Quality Assurance Lead
  • Corise Kennedy
    Learner Support Specialist
  • Cory Perry
    Data Operations Administrator
  • Dana Hill
    National Account Executive
  • Daniel Escobedo
    Account Manager
  • Elizabeth Mauldin
    Business Development Rep
  • Erin Kain
    Account Manager
  • Frankie Williams
    Customer Support Specialist
  • J’Quan Dillard
    Product Maintenance Specialist
  • Jay Thompson
    Account Manager
  • Jeff Auvenshine
    Director, Product Marketing
  • Jennifer Salinas
    Account Management Associate
  • Jennifer Wylie
    Lead Customer Support Specialist
  • John England
    Content Developer
  • Jon Egan
    Inside Sales Representative
  • Kris Augsberger
    National Sales Executive
  • Kris Vaughn
    PolicyPartner Training and Client Services Coordinator
  • Leigh Knight
    Customer Solutions Manager
  • Lisa Ward
    Contract Manager
  • Lisa Werts
    Senior Account Manager
  • Mark Vanderhoof
    Maintenance Content Developer
  • Marquetta Cason
    AR Specialist
  • Matthew Dodds
    Lead Implementation Engineer
  • Megan Nelson
    Content Writer
  • Melissa Feliciano
    Account Manager
  • Michal Snyder
    Product Owner
  • Natalia Wetherell
    Account Manager
  • Natalie Patton
    Senior Frontend Engineer
  • Nicole Davidson
    Implementation Manager
  • Nicole Kunz-Slagle
    Content Product Manager
  • Omar Belliard
    Customer Support Specialist
  • Rachel Eblin
    Business Development Associate
  • Ryan Tackett
    Admin Support Specialist
  • Shaylan Morrison
    Software Data Engineer
  • Stephanie Sponagle
    Implementation Manager
  • Tammy Majette
    National Sales Executive
  • Tomy Hudson
    DevOps Engineer
  • Tracie Taylor
    Product Manager
  • Tyler Arnold
    Customer Support Specialist
  • Willow Walker
    Account Manager
  • Yvette Evans
    Account Manager

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