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Woman on phone Text/SMS Kingsley Survey Delivery

Gain a Competitive Edge With Text/SMS Survey Delivery

Making smart business decisions starts with reliable data. And for multifamily property managers, having a pulse on resident and prospect sentiment is critical for building a strategy that improves satisfaction. With a rapidly changing market, you need to be willing to adapt. It’s equally important to consider whether you have the right tools for making… Read More »

CRE KPIs measurement avoid mistakes

KPI Pitfalls: 5 Mistakes CRE Leaders Should Avoid

Are your KPIs delivering the accurate and actionable insights you need to improve business performance?   Key performance indicators (KPIs) play a critical role in a CRE leader’s ability to track and measure performance. And because of that, information abounds as to what you should measure and why. But if you’re not careful, your KPIs… Read More »

Award Winning Properties: A Roadmap for Success

On the heels of last month’s annual BOMA International Conference, commercial real estate professionals may be reflecting on the experience, implementing ideas from their sessions, and contemplating how to earn the coveted TOBY award next year.   The BOMA conference is not only an opportunity for professional development and networking but also a time when commercial… Read More »

5 New DEI Boosters Now Available in Vision

The national conversation on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) continues to evolve and remain top of mind for organizations in the multifamily housing industry. Last year, Grace Hill introduced DEI training courses to its Vision learning management system to provide learners with practical strategies that help reduce the impact biases have on actions. Training on… Read More »

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