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Stephanie Anderson

NAA Apartmentalize 2023 7 Things to Know

7 Things To Know About Apartmentalize 2023

Whether you are attending the National Apartment Association’s Apartmentalize conference for the first time or as a seasoned veteran with many years (or even decades) under your belt, there is always something new to learn about the upcoming event. As multifamily’s largest annual event, some things change from year to year, and I have outlined… Read More »

Debunked: Top 5 Human Trafficking Myths

It’s difficult not to believe everything we see and hear, especially when referring to information shared by the media and in pop culture. Many of us have formed opinions about human trafficking based on the knowledge we learned in popular movies such as “Taken” and “Trade.”  Both movies and media have helped raise awareness of… Read More »

blog post apartment preferences driven by remote work

Apartment Residents’ Preferences Driven by Remote Work

Resident behaviors shifted significantly in 2021 as the pandemic led millions to remote work and rethink where to live. Creating more space and specialized amenities enabled apartment operators to thrive, according to the Grace Hill/NMHC 2022 Renter Preferences Survey Report, which featured input from 221,000 renters living in 4,564 communities nationwide, with data available in… Read More »

Data Connection: Associate Retention Drives Resident Renewals

Resident satisfaction and renewal rates are primary drivers in property performance. While several factors go into those particular data points, multifamily operators looking to improve resident retention may want to first focus their efforts on employee satisfaction.  It may sound secondary, or even backward, but there is an undeniable correlation between associate turnover and resident… Read More »

Multifamily Moneyball: Little Things Add Up for Operators

Technology played a big role in multifamily’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is the operators who paid attention to the little things that positioned themselves for continued success.  In the 2021 NMHC OPTECH session “Multifamily Moneyball: A Home Run for Talent Management and Customer Experience,” panelists reviewed the subtle strategies and simple tech… Read More »

Implementing the New Federal Vaccine Mandate. An Action Plan for Employers

To contain the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, President Biden has proposed a new federal vaccine mandate applicable to certain businesses. The mandate includes the strictest vaccination requirements yet imposed and could affect almost two-thirds of the American workforce, including the property management industry.  While the mandate isn’t anticipated to go into effect for several… Read More »

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