Multifamily Discrimination: Tips for Inclusive Living (Updated 2023)
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Eliminating Multifamily Discrimination: Tips for Inclusive Living

Posted on September 19, 2023 by Grace Hill

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Familial discrimination refers to the unjust treatment or exclusion of individuals or families based on their familial status, such as having children or being pregnant. This form of discrimination violates the Fair Housing Act (FHA), which prohibits discrimination based on familial status, among other protected characteristics.

Understanding Familial Discrimination in Multifamily Properties

Inclusivity is a fundamental principle that should be upheld in every multifamily property. Unfortunately, familial discrimination remains a pervasive issue in our society. It is crucial to understand the various forms of discrimination that can occur within multifamily properties to effectively address and prevent them.

Discrimination of this type can manifest in various ways, including refusing to rent to families with children, enforcing rules that disproportionately affect families, or even denying access to common areas or amenities. These actions undermine the principles of inclusivity and equal opportunity that every multifamily property should strive to uphold.

As an example, imagine a family seeking to rent an apartment in a multifamily property, only to be told that the property has a “no children” policy. This kind of exclusionary policy denies families the opportunity to secure housing and perpetuates a culture of discrimination. Similarly, families may encounter restrictions on their ability to use common spaces or face disproportionate penalties for noise complaints solely based on the presence of children.

Legal Considerations for Property Owners and Managers

As a property owner or manager, it is crucial to thoroughly understand the legal considerations surrounding familial discrimination in multifamily properties. Familiarizing yourself with the relevant laws and regulations will not only protect you from potential legal issues but also help create a safe and inclusive environment for all residents.

One of the primary federal laws that addresses familial discrimination in multifamily housing is the Fair Housing Act. Under the FHA, it is illegal to refuse to rent or sell housing, impose different terms or conditions, or provide unequal access to amenities based on familial status. Familiarize yourself with the specific provisions of the FHA to ensure compliance.

Additionally, many states and local jurisdictions have their own Fair Housing laws that may offer additional protections or requirements. It is crucial to be aware of these laws and stay current with any changes or updates. Engaging the services of legal experts who specialize in Fair Housing can provide invaluable guidance and ensure compliance with all applicable laws.

Strategies for Preventing Familial Discrimination

First and foremost, it is essential to develop comprehensive policies and procedures that explicitly prohibit familial discrimination. Clearly outline the expectations of fair and equal treatment for all residents, regardless of their familial status. Train your staff on these policies and provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to recognize and prevent discrimination.

Additionally, fostering a culture of inclusivity starts with education and awareness. Educate your employees on their rights and responsibilities under Fair Housing laws, emphasizing the importance of treating all residents with respect and dignity. Provide resources and information on Fair Housing regulations and encourage open dialogue about discrimination issues.

Another strategy is to regularly assess and update your property’s rules and regulations to ensure they do not disproportionately impact families. Consider whether certain policies, such as noise restrictions or curfews, are reasonable and necessary. Avoid singling out families with children and aim to create rules that apply equitably to all residents.

Lastly, creating a welcoming and inclusive community requires active engagement and participation from property owners and managers. Foster relationships with residents and encourage open lines of communication. By addressing concerns and complaints promptly and effectively, you can maintain a positive living environment that promotes fairness and equality.

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