What is the best certification for an apartment supplier?

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What is the best certification for an apartment supplier?

If you are a multifamily property supplier with a year or more of experience, the Certified Apartment Supplier (CAS) certification is ideal for you. CAS is a great way to establish a better understanding of your property management clients.

Why become CAS certified?


Differentiate yourself from other property suppliers with CAS certification. CAS certification helps to demonstrate your commitment to your property management clients.

Attract more clients

CAS certification differentiates you from other property suppliers. It demonstrates a commitment to understanding the needs of your property management clients. Completing the process required to earn a CAS certification shows you are dedicated to helping property managers with their everyday challenges. CAS covers:

  • Applicant screening, leasing contracts, and move-ins
  • Rent collection, lease renewal, the move-out process, lease termination, and eviction
  • Property management systems and their functions

Strengthen existing client relationships

CAS certification gives you a better appreciation of the responsibilities and goals of property managers, making you more effective at solving their problems and helping them reach their goals. You’ll learn about:

  • Addressing property and environmental hazards and crime
  • Analyzing property financial operations and underperformance
  • Monitoring property performance to achieve an owner’s investment goals
  • Maximizing net operating income

Who is right for CAS certification?

The only requirement to enter the CAS certification process is 12 months’ experience in the multifamily property industry. It serves as a great introduction for newer members of the industry or a career booster for those with more experience.


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