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How Does Training Reduce Turnover?

Posted on December 7, 2017


How training reduces employee turnover


79% of training administrators believe training reduces employee turnover.


In last year’s Grace Hill Benchmark Training Survey, 79% of survey participants said they believe training reduces employee turnover. But how does is it work? Here are the most common reasons given for why training reduces turnover.

#1 Better performance leads to higher job satisfaction.


“Employees that feel they are not trained properly are not satisfied as a whole. They have no idea if their performance is meeting the standard.”

Training Administrator (2,001 – 7,000 units)


The most common response survey respondents gave for how training reduces turnover is the satisfaction that comes from good performance. Training prepares employees to succeed. Many people said training gives employees the tools to feel empowered and confident about their role and responsibilities. Without it, they can feel frustrated and overwhelmed.


#2 Training makes employees feel appreciated.


“If employees believe that a company cares enough to help them succeed, this fosters loyalty.”

Director of HR (7,001 – 15,000 units)


The second most common response was that training demonstrates an investment the company is making in the employee, and this helps the employee feel like a valuable part of the organization. Many people remarked that this shows an interest in and care for employees, and that makes employees want to stay.


#3 Training creates a path for growth.


“Creating a clear learning path provides employees a goal to strive for with a sense of achievement and an opportunity for recognition.”

Training Administrator (7,001 – 15,000 units)


The next most common response involved the growth potential of training. Training allows employees to grow in their roles and seek advancement within the organization. It often makes the difference between a temporary job and long-term career.


The property management industry experiences higher turnover overall than most other industries. Making sure your training program fulfills each of these important functions can help you keep employees longer and save money on recruiting, hiring and onboarding.


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