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Is Your Organization Secure When It Comes To Fair Housing?

Posted on November 21, 2019 by Terra McVoy

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Stay Compliant with Grace Hill’s Checklist

You may not have experienced a conflict with Fair Housing compliance yet, but multifamily companies are vulnerable to such lawsuits from multiple fronts, and violations can be costly. 


For example, in April 2019 HUD reported that civil penalties for Fair Housing violations may be levied up to $16,000 for a first violation and $65,000 for future violations. Areas that leave organizations at risk include:


  • Untrained employees 
  • Outdated legal knowledge
  • Inadequate policies
  • Changing rules and legislation


If you’re unsure whether your organization is currently covering all the bases, Grace Hill has a Checklist for Decreasing Fair Housing Compliance Risk just for you. 


Critical Fair Housing Practices

To help you determine areas of fair housing compliance that may need to be strengthened at your organization, the checklist includes:


  • Nuisance abatement policy and other necessary FHA compliance reminders
  • Identifying behaviors and language that may indicate discriminatory treatment
  • Keeping your sexual harassment policies up to date
  • Guidelines for religious meetings and assistance animals
  • Policies around families and children


There may be more examples of compliance violations than you and your staff are even aware of, so equip yourself today!


Download the Checklist for Decreasing Fair Housing Compliance Risk for support in keeping track of the many important components your policies and training should include in order to minimize risk and provide a safe, fair, and positive environment for all. 

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