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2019 Benchmark Report: Future Opportunities

Posted on November 15, 2019 by Terra McVoy


2019 Training Benchmark Report

Future Opportunities

Grace Hill invites training and operations personnel in the multifamily housing industry to participate in our annual Training Benchmark Report survey. We take the results and create the Multifamily Training Benchmark Report, which identifies key learning and development benchmarks and trends and provides in-depth analysis.


Integrate policies with your LMS for reduced risk. 80% of this year’s respondents say integration of policies and procedures with training offers better implementation, increased efficiency, and reduced risk. Making policies accessible from your LMS is the best way to ensure employees follow them.


Implement custom content for more effective and efficient training. Custom training content, such as recorded live training, customized pre-existing courses, and custom courses built from a template, allow you to train employees on the skills, priorities, and policies that are unique to your company. Custom courseware also helps streamline onboarding and cut down on time-consuming in-person training.


Cut compliance costs with ongoing mystery shopping. This year’s report found that large property companies that used mystery shopping spent 38% less in annual compliance costs than the industry average. Mystery shopping is the best way to evaluate compliance skills before a potentially costly problem develops. Identifying where employees need more training has the added benefit of improving performance.


Decrease turnover with career paths and credentials. With turnover up for virtually every onsite role this year, helping employees build their careers with your company is more important than ever. Career paths give employees a role-defined learning and development process for advancement, and credentials help them demonstrate their knowledge and commitment to the industry.


Improve overall results by addressing every aspect of employee performance. Complete performance management involves policies, training, and assessment all working together. An integrated approach to setting policies and procedures, providing the required training, and assessing performance has a positive impact on all operational results, including customer satisfaction, employee retention, and compliance.


Download the full 2019 Multifamily Training Benchmark Report.

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