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Learning Science = Faster Employee ROI

Posted on July 5, 2017

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Learning Science = Faster Employee ROI

The latest research in the field of adult learning has revealed numerous principles that make all the difference in how quickly and effectively you can impact employee performance.  We’ve incorporated many of these learning principles into
the newest generation of Grace Hill courseware. From modular course format to diverse learning approaches, we’ve put science to work at making property management professionals better at their jobs. Here are some of the principles that make our training so effective:


Immediacy of application = faster onboarding

Adults are more interested in and have higher retention for learning they can immediately apply to their everyday lives. This is especially true for property management professionals, who must contend with the constant stops and starts of on-the-job training. Modular courseware like Grace Hill’s allows learners to complete a full concept in under 20 minutes that they can then immediately apply to their jobs. After just one module, employees become more effective.


Problem-centered focus = reduced risk

For property management employees, success is measured by performance in specific situations. For this reason, all Grace Hill training is based on practical scenarios. Learners are given multiple situations they might actually encounter, such as an abuse victim who’s called 911 more times than a local nuisance order allows. The right response is demonstrated, and then learners are given similar scenarios and asked how they would respond. Rather than being asked to memorize a set of facts, Grace Hill learners engage in problem-solving to master real-life situations.


Self-directed instruction = better employee accountability

The best training gives learners the autonomy to make choices and to make mistakes. Grace Hill courseware uses interactive assessments, so learners are told immediately when they’ve chosen the correct answer, or corrected when they have not. They can choose the order in which they take the courses or retake any they need to brush up on. Essentially, they guide their own education, which makes learning personal and relevant.


Variety in learning approaches = consistency in staff knowledge


Property management is a diverse industry. The roles vary widely, and so do the learning styles. We incorporate many different approaches in our training so that there is something for every style of learning, from dynamic images and live video to voice narration and charts. Many of our courses are available in Spanish as well. Even with diverse learning styles, our training results in a consistent knowledge base.

Check out these theories of learning we used to develop our Vision courseware.

These learning principles have become the gold standard in adult training because they get results. Real comprehension of important concepts, as opposed to temporary memorization, reduces risk, improves customer satisfaction, and stabilizes employee turnover.


To see our learning science in action, request a demo of our new courseware.

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