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March Vantage Pro: Unexpected Forms of Familial Discrimination

Posted on March 19, 2018

Amy McClellan
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familial discrimination
There are multiple ways multifamily property companies could commit familial discrimination. The latest issue of Vantage Pro examines some you might not be aware of.

You probably know by now that it is illegal to refuse to rent to families with children, or even to prohibit children from common areas on your property. But there are still other ways you could be at risk of familial discrimination. The latest issue of Vantage Pro takes a look at some of them.


Is it legal to limit the number of occupants by bedroom? Can you prohibit children at one property if you can place them at another?


This issue of Vantage Pro describes real examples of less common forms of familial discrimination.



  • Coverage of a landmark ruling on LGBT protection
  • Legal action involving refusing tenants with criminal records


Each month, Platinum-level Vision clients are informed about the latest cases and legislation affecting the property management industry. They learn what impact those actions are likely to have on the industry and what steps they should take to avoid violations.


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