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Marijuana & Multifamily: Know the Facts

Posted on December 5, 2019 by Terra McVoy

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Marijuana & Multifamily: Know the Facts

Marijuana use is increasing nationally, and laws around it are changing rapidly. State and federal laws are not always in tandem, either. While marijuana use is currently illegal under federal law, thirty states (plus the District of Columbia) have made it legal for medical and/or recreational use. 


It’s more than likely that as a housing provider, a request for marijuana use accommodation will come your way. So how can you determine the best plan of action in the face of these discrepancies?


Key Answers to Critical Questions

To help establish your own policy and enforcement, Grace Hill has created a Marijuana and Multifamily fact breakdown. It clarifies your rights and responsibilities when it comes to resident marijuana use and answers questions such as:


  • Must you permit marijuana use if it is legal in your state?
  • In the case of a recognized disability, does the Fair Housing Act require compliance with a medical marijuana accommodation request?
  • Is it legal to impose marijuana prohibitions at all?


Stay Informed with the Leader in Multifamily

Grace Hill is your go-to multifamily leader for policies, training, and assessment. We consistently monitor the legal landscape of multifamily housing so we can offer up-to-date policies, training, and assessment tools that help companies like yours stay compliant and reduce risk. We are vigilantly abreast of changes to state and federal law in matters such as these and update our products for you accordingly.

In the case of marijuana use policies, above all it’s important for housing providers to remain consistent with all residents and prospects, which is why we’ve created this Marijuana and Multifamily fact breakdown. 



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