Training Tip: The Secrets of Top Hiring Managers in Multifamily
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Weekly Training Tip: Secrets of Top Hiring Managers in Multifamily

Posted on September 19, 2018 by Grace Hill


Grace Hill Training Tip of the Week

Secrets of Top Hiring Managers in Multifamily


Referrals are one of the most reliable sources for good employees. Make sure you have a robust referral program in place!

Hiring mistakes can cost a company 15x an employee’s base salary in addition to negatively impacting performance and causing stress for other employees. We talked to some of the top hiring managers in the multifamily industry to learn their secrets to attracting the best talent and avoiding mistakes. Here are the hiring principles they live by.


The best talent gets referred to you

Referrals are by far the most reliable source for good employees. Referrals from your business network average a nearly 75% success rate! Also consider referrals from an external recruiter, an internal recruiter and top performers at your company. A company referral program that rewards employees for referring successful new employees can be a great motivator.


Ask questions and listen to the answers

A surprising number of interviews contain very few questions. Even if you already have a good feeling about a candidate, the interview process is an important opportunity for you to get a feel for one another and determine whether your work and communication styles are compatible. Express curiosity about candidates. What attracted them to the job and your company? What are their career goals? What are they unwilling to do? Listen to their responses and take notes. Not only does this help you learn more about the candidate, but it also demonstrates your interest.


Don’t forget to sell your company

You’re not the only one making a hiring decision. Candidates are sizing your company up too, and the best candidates are selective. Use the interview process as an opportunity to promote your company. Describe why people like working there and invite them to look you up online. Ensure your online reputation is positive by asking happy employees to contribute reviews to employer rating sites like Glassdoor and Indeed.


Make sure your onboarding supports your hiring process

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