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December Vantage Pro: Child Safety Concerns vs. Familial Status Discrimination

Posted on December 11, 2017

children at play

December Vantage Pro: Child Safety Concerns vs. Familial Status Discrimination

The latest issue of Vantage Pro examines the line between protecting children and discriminating against them.


children at play
Learn the difference between child safety and child discrimination with Vantage Pro.

You know the FHA prohibits discrimination against families and/or children. But what about exclusion for safety purposes? This month’s Vantage Pro tests your knowledge of the difference between child protection and discrimination.


Could prohibiting children from common areas in order to protect them from danger be discrimination?
Properties are sometimes tempted to keep children out of common areas like outdoor courtyards, pools, etc., where their play may present a danger. Find out whether the FHA allows excluding children from common areas due to safety concerns.


Does the FHA allow refusing to rent to families with children or pregnant women due to potential lead paint hazards?
Lead paint can pose a hazard to children under the age of six. If there is or may be lead paint present on the premises, is it okay to prohibit families with children from living there?


• Recent cases of disability discrimination and sexual harassment
• Financial impact to property companies that have violated the FHA


Each month, Platinum-level Vision clients are informed about the latest cases and legislation affecting the property management industry. They learn what impact those actions are likely to have on the industry and what steps they should take to avoid violations.


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