Exploring the Power of Emotional Intelligence for Achieving Greater Success


Mastering Your Pink Shoes: Exploring the Power of Emotional Intelligence for Achieving Greater Success and Fulfillment

Have you ever had someone or something in your life get under your skin so much that you found yourself reacting in a way that totally derailed your ability to get things done or build productive relationships? A physiological response happens in our brains when we get triggered or one of our values is compromised. Did you know we can actually learn how to control our reaction to those emotional responses?

In this dynamic and interactive webinar, we will explore the critical role that emotional intelligence plays in our personal and professional lives. We will begin by unpacking the concept of "pink shoes," which symbolizes those emotional triggers that have the potential to completely derail us if we let them.

The skill is self-management, and it is a critical component of emotional intelligence (EQ). EQ is becoming increasingly important in today’s world, especially in the workplace. If this interests you, please join the Grace Hill team for an exciting, action-packed webinar from Alex Howard, Owner of SLAM Development.

Learning Objectives

Understand the definition of emotional intelligence with a focus on self-management.

Describe the 5 basic core needs and identify your top 2.

Learn how to develop coping mechanisms and a code word to manage your emotions effectively and stay focused on what is important.


Alex-Howard-Emotional Intelligence Speaker Webinar

Alex Howard

Alex is a vibrant, results-driven organizational effectiveness consultant with over 25 years of demonstrated management, leadership, and sales experience. Alex has a proven aptitude for helping clients establish a strategic vision that is executable. She combines strong business acumen with innate leadership abilities.

Alex has designed and led a broad range of leadership development initiatives at all levels, including the C-Suite. Client feedback shows that she demonstrates a high level of emotional intelligence and brings energy to any interaction, large or small.

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