• May 13 2020

    New HD Supply Courses Available through Grace Hill’s Vision 2020!

    Partnership between HD Supply and Grace Hill provides learners with unparalleled training in crucial maintenance subjects beginning this month.

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  • April 28 2020

    Press Release: Rent Payment and Resident Sentiment Data for May Reveals a Window of Opportunity for Multifamily Housing Property Managers

    Teams are focusing on services and relationships that bring rental communities through COVID-19 crisis

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  • April 27 2020

    Is Your Virtual Leasing Experience Converting to Sales?

    Top reasons why your virtual leasing program may not be living up to its full profit potential.

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  • April 9 2020

    Virtual Leasing – Where Are You in the Change Management Process?

    Strategies to ensure your organization's shift to virtual leasing is successful now and later.

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  • April 9 2020

    Virtual Leasing – The Good News

    Find out why the multifamily industry is already primed for success in virtual leasing--and what's necessary to keep it that way.

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  • March 27 2020

    COVID-19: Guidance in Multifamily Publications

    A roundup of articles offering solid advice on how property management companies can maintain safety and stability in these uncertain times.

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  • March 23 2020

    Free Resources from Grace Hill Regarding COVID-19

    Critical resources designed to support the multifamily industry through the COVID-19 pandemic

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  • March 5 2020

    Property Management Response to COVID-19

    With the spread of COVID-19, property management companies are thinking about how to keep their employees, residents, and communities safe. 

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  • February 7 2020

    Vision2020 New Learner Experience: Recent Updates

    Admins and learners love the look and feel of the New Learner Experience!

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  • February 3 2020

    Grace Hill Launches First Element of Its Workforce Talent Management Platform for Multifamily Housing – Vision 2020

    A new interface design sets the bar for learning and development software to drive greater learner engagement and increase training program performance.

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  • January 21 2020

    Grace Hill Adds To Its Standard-Setting Reputation With Acquisition Of Kingsley Associates

    The combination of Grace Hill and Kingsley Associates establishes the most complete and cohesive solution for real estate property and talent performance

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  • January 16 2020

    Announcing Vision 2020

    Grace Hill just launched a new learner experience that makes training more personal, rewarding, and user-friendly!

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  • January 10 2020

    When A Discrimination Complaint Is Filed Against You–What Next?

    Understand the multiple steps, procedures, and deadlines that come into play if a discrimination case is filed against you or your organization.

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  • December 19 2019

    Assistance Animals: Keeping Your Policies on a Leash

    Handling assistance animal requests can be complicated, but clarity is vital. Let us help you with this potentially hairy issue!

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  • December 5 2019

    Marijuana & Multifamily: Know the Facts

    How do housing providers determine the best plan of action for marijuana use in the face of differences between state and federal law?

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  • November 25 2019

    2019 Training Benchmark Report: Current Trends

    Grace Hill's 2019 Training Benchmark Report provides insight into current trends in the multifamily industry.

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  • November 21 2019

    Is Your Organization Secure When It Comes To Fair Housing?

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  • November 15 2019

    2019 Benchmark Report: Future Opportunities

    80% of this year’s respondents say integration of policies and procedures with training offers better implementation, increased efficiency, and reduced risk.

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  • November 14 2019

    Ensure Your Sexual Harassment Policy is in Compliance

    Clarify common myths, offer prevention tips and provide a checklist for sexual harassment policy and training.

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  • November 4 2019

    Vision Conference 2019 Was a Magical Success!

    The 2019 Vision Conference at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL was truly an amazing combination of top-notch attendees and presenters.

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