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Compliance and Risk Reduction:
Cornerstones of Operational Excellence.

The Building Blocks for Creating a Culture of Compliance.

When it comes to compliance and risk reduction, there are three essential areas that a company must address – policies, training and assessment. The result is elevated operational and employee performance.



How Important Is

Compliance To Your People?

Our research reveals that multifamily professionals believe compliance training that reduces risk is more important than any other area of training.*


  • 1 Compliance training that reduces risk
  • 2 Fits easily in a work day
  • 3 Improves performance


  • 1 Compliance training that reduces risk
  • 2 Improves performance
  • 3 Quick & Effective Onboarding

*2019 study conducted by an independent research firm, Goldsmith Strategic Services

Over 700 Policies and 60 Training Courses Covering Compliance and Risk

We provide you and your teams with the largest library of fully vetted and up-to-date training courses and policies specifically focused on compliance and risk mitigation for the multifamily industry.


“Grace Hill’s products allow housing providers to educate their staff and develop policies and procedures that comply with the law and will help reduce the organization’s exposure if a complaint is filed.”


Perry MacLennan

Haynsworth, Sinkler Boyd, P.A.

For Over 20 Years, We’ve Been Helping Our

Industry Reduce Risk, At Scale*

*Data reported from our Learning Management System (Vision) for the year 2019.

Our Products

Three Industry-Leading Solutions. One Comprehensive Compliance and Risk Reduction Program.


Each one of our industry-leading solutions can help your company with compliance and risk reduction. But when combined together, they become a powerful program for creating a culture of compliance and building operational excellence.

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