Affordable Housing & Tax Credit Compliance Solutions

Affordable Housing & Tax Credit Compliance

Be confident in your team’s Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) proficiency with Grace Hill’s policy, training, and assessment solutions.

Failing to comply with the LIHTC guidelines has significant consequences — including loss of tax credit benefits and even legal action from the government. Given the severity of these consequences, tax credit property managers must have skilled professionals who understand the LIHTC program requirements and can adhere to strict compliance demands. Grace Hill gives your team the skills and training they need to correctly manage and maintain your affordable housing properties.

Avoid Costly Mistakes With Policies, Training, and Assessments

Be confident in your team’s LIHTC proficiency with our comprehensive Tax Credit training courses and exams.

Set clear expectations with your team and reduce compliance risk with Tax Credit policies

Ensure onsite behaviors meet expectations with robust mystery shopping programs that provide unbiased assessments.

Tax Credit Essentials Training

Give your team the necessary skills to correctly manage your affordable housing property. The courses in our Tax Credit Essentials cover fundamental topics such as income verification, determining eligibility, and occupancy rules. With this prerequisite training, your team can successfully manage affordable housing and reduce costly mistakes.

New Designation: Tax Credit Site Compliance Specialist

The Tax Credit Plus elective series includes a Site Compliance Specialist designation for those who successfully complete the final exam. This designation offers reassurance that staff understand the LIHTC program requirements and can adhere to strict compliance demands. Hiring managers can also use the assessment to test applicants’ knowledge, helping to determine the best candidate for your property!

Talk to our tax credit experts about how Grace Hill can help your organization stay in compliance with LIHTC regulations.

Tax Credit Compliance Policy Manual

Grace Hill provides the tax credit policies you need to stay in compliance. This policy manual outlines how to follow housing authority rules with expert guidance. Your team can be confident their files and audits will meet the standards for compliance. Run your tax credit properties more efficiently with the proper policies in place.

Mystery Shopping Programs

Grace Hill’s mystery shopping programs can help you ensure tax credit compliance and promote a positive affordable housing experience. Receive unbiased performance assessments that compare onsite behavior with established expectations. Adapt shop questions for tax credit locations to confirm compliance and reinforce performance standards.

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Learn more about each of our tax credit compliance solutions:


The leading learning management system in multifamily.

Operating Procedures

Industry-specific policies that empower your team and reduce risk.

Mystery Shopping

Robust mystery shop program that blends technology with assessment best practices.

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