Mystery Shopping


Better people assessment for higher property performance

Validate is a next-gen, digital-driven approach to mystery shopping that offers a vital window into employee and property performance. It’s a comprehensive, easy-to-administer solution that delivers an unsurpassed level of unbiased assessment to help raise resident satisfaction and improve community reputation.

Validate allows you to:

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Utilize state-of-the-art methods for under-the-radar assessment

  • Offers access to highly trained mystery shoppers with nationwide coverage
  • Randomizes shopping to provide less biased evaluation and to help maintain data integrity
  • Enables intelligent upskilling, with courses that permit employees to home in on specific areas for improvement

Acquire actionable intelligence to drive informed training decisions

  • Provides a robust reporting engine that puts comprehensive and shareable reports at your fingertips
  • Assigns short courses (5-20 minutes each) designed to fit into the learner’s busy workday
  • Built for blended leasing – with multiple customer touchpoints, captures in-person interactions via a hidden camera and also records online, phone and virtual experiences

Customize employee evaluations to meet specific company needs

  • Makes it possible to personalize each mystery shop and adjustable scoring to measure what’s most important
  • Covers rural locations with continuous programmatic scheduling – a “set it and forget it” feature that streamlines administration
  • Allows for a la carte shops to supplement a subscription program – ideal for targeting specific employees or smaller locations

Validate by The Numbers


Completion factor for program shops


Skill remediation courses to provide specific training based on shop questions that were missed


Years of experience in mystery shopping

“Validate brings the essence of mystery back to shop reports and enables you to gain true insight in the areas of strengths and weaknesses.”

Trana Thompson

Trena Thompson

Director of Training

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