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Drive Property Performance With KingsleySurveys

Add KingsleySurveys to increase renewals by up to 4%!

KingsleySurveys has been a trusted advisor to multifamily managers for over 35 years. We get it. We understand your business and what it takes to succeed. By combining other Grace Hill solutions with KingsleySurveys, you get a powerful system that drives performance to exceed your budget and occupancy goals.

Increased Resident Satisfaction & Reputation

Reduced Costs for Unit Turnover

Increased Renewal Intention

Multifamily’s Preferred Survey Solution

When you add KingsleySurveys to your existing Grace Hill solutions, there is a positive impact on resident satisfaction, resulting in increased renewals and reduced turnover costs.

In fact, our customers see an increase of 4% renewal intention YOY!


"RangeWater is utilizing several solutions that Grace Hill provides. The products have been built intentionally to stack upon one another to provide a single solution suite.

You’re going to get back time, and you’re going to save money."

Dana Hill
Senior Director of Engagement
RangeWater Real Estate

Grace Hill Suite of Solutions Increases Renewal Intention By Up To 20%

Improve Your Renewal Intention

KingsleySurveys enhances your current Grace Hill solutions. Together, you can leverage data to provide the critical insights needed to drive operational performance. The result is up to a 20% increase in renewal intention over the national average, measured by NAA renter surveys.

Reduce Turnover Costs

Your training program and your policies work better with KingsleySurveys data. Incorporating direct feedback from residents allows you to improve how your team operates onsite. When you know better, you do better…and that translates into reduced turnover costs when happy residents renew.

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Translate Data Into Action

What good is all this data if you can’t do something with it? That’s where the KingsleySurveys online portal helps the most! Our intuitive dashboard is filled with actionable insights that help you decide your next best move. You’ll never be lost trying to figure out how to make improvements!

Deep-Dive Analysis & Consultation

KingsleySurveys experts are standing by, ready to help you level up. Our Premium Plus clients get a customized, deep-dive analysis of the survey results every year. Beyond the standard insights from the dashboard, this consultative analysis can help you uncover macro trends in your business that could mean the difference between hitting this year’s budget — or not! 


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"The information we get from KingsleySurveys is invaluable in assessing operations and service gaps, helping us improve in real-time rather than months after the fact. The results speak for themselves with improved satisfaction scores across all KPIs each year since we began."

Laurel Zacher
Vice President Marketing & Customer Engagement
Security Properties Residential

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