The Economics Behind Tenant Satisfaction and Renewals
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Behind The Curtain: The Economics Behind Tenant Satisfaction and Renewals

We all know that tenant satisfaction matters, but a recent MIT and Maastricht University study, led by GRESB co-founder Dr. Nils Kok, found direct correlations between tenant satisfaction and renewal rates. The study also quantified a direct connection between satisfaction and higher gross and effective rents. This webinar will discuss the details of this latest research, including how the data was captured and analyzed, along with the conclusions gathered from the study.

Commercial real estate organizations need to hear the quantifiable evidence of how improvements to tenant satisfaction directly impacts the bottom line. Plus, this webinar discusses real-world best practices to impact your tenant satisfaction levels now!

Learning Objectives

Review of the data analyzed and conclusions from the MIT and Maastricht University study

Discuss what the research results mean for CRE organizations

Best practices to leverage the study to drive tenant satisfaction at your properties

ESG and GRESB implications and connection between sustainability and tenant satisfaction

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