Multifamily Mystery Shopping Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them) Webinar
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4 Missteps in Multifamily Mystery Shopping (And How to Avoid Them) Webinar

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The right mystery shopping program can make all the difference in improved customer experience, healthier ROI and optimized operational performance.

Then why do so many multifamily organizations get it wrong?

Find out by joining us for a revealing webinar, “4 Missteps in Multifamily Mystery Shopping (And How to Avoid Them).” Listen in as Christi Dobbins, Grace Hill Director, Product Management, will explore 4 of the most common missteps and share best practices on how to avoid them.

You’ll also get a first-hand tour of Validate, Grace Hill’s industry-leading mystery shopping solution. See how we’ve applied best practices and amplified them with technology to make using the system more efficient and delivering content that makes the biggest impact on your employees—and your company—in the shortest amount of time.


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