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COVID-19: Guidance in Multifamily Publications

Posted on March 27, 2020

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The Latest Articles from Grace Hill CEO Dru Armstrong

There’s no limit to the supply of news on COVID-19 right now. The challenge is finding solid advice on how property management companies can maintain safety and stability in a previously unexperienced period of crisis. As CEO of a company that already provides training and policies on critical functions like compliance and crisis management, Dru Armstrong has a uniquely broad perspective on the ways multifamily companies can best protect their people and their interests during the pandemic.   

Using Technology to Identify, Prepare for, and Respond to Emergencies

Protecting residents and employees preparing for the worst is a strenuous challenge for property managers. Here are some concrete lessons and plans – regardless of property size or specific challenge. 

“What happens, in a pandemic scenario, if a self-quarantined tenant faces an emergency that threatens their safety and major property damage (think gas leaks or a broken water pipe)?”

Mastering Communication in a Crisis

To steady your organization’s ship in times like this, communications need to be tightly in place. This means installing an information loop that allows you to share guidance and insight, pull in feedback from your employees, and communicate anew in a smarter and smarter fashion.

“Only about 43 percent of employees surveyed believe their organization has a plan for what’s happening.” 

Establishing organized, consistent, and continual communications can lead to empowered communities that are safer and stronger, especially during COVID-19. This article outlines several strategies and steps.

“If multifamily housing property managers do not have clear policies in place on evictions and late fees, and open clear lines of communication with residents, residents who may have contracted COVID-19 may withhold that information for fear of eviction.”

COVID-19 Resources for Property Management

Find more property management guidance and tools for navigating COVID-19, including free webinars, courses, and policies, at Grace Hill’s COVID-19 Resource Center.

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