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New Market Report: Trends Affecting Growth and Complexity in Property Management

Posted on August 21, 2017



New Market Report: Trends Affecting Growth and Complexity in Property Management


The multifamily property management industry is experiencing an unprecedented period of growth. To identify the factors contributing to this growth and explore what the future holds for property management companies, we conducted a study of current market trends. Our latest industry report contains our findings, including:


Why so many people today are opting to rent


Demographic shifts and a preference for renting are leading more and more people to choose multifamily properties over home ownership. We look at the factors influencing those shifts and how likely they are to continue in the future.


How property management roles have become more complex


As the industry grows, increasing demands are being placed on property managers. We identify the new responsibilities and challenges property managers are encountering.


What role technology plays in the future success of property companies


To compete in this new, more complex landscape, multifamily property companies are increasingly turning to technological resources. We examine how technology is helping organizations keep up with the increased demands of administration, training and compliance assurance.


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