Credentials Offer Different Benefits to Different Employees

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Credentials Offer Different Benefits to Different Employees

As we said in our earlier credentials blog post, property management industry employee credentials are more important than ever. But the benefits of credentials and the motivations for pursuing them vary depending on the role.

    • Suppliers, who represent the largest volume of credentialed employees in the industry, typically pursue credentialing to enable new client acquisition. For them, the CAS credential could mean the ability to charge a premium.
    • Corporate credential-seekers are typically looking to enhance their career trajectory / secure promotion with credentials like CPM, CAM, CAPS, and ARM.
    • Maintenance employees look to credentials to validate competence and enhance reputation and employability with a CAMT credential.
    • Other onsite leasing staff, including office and administrative support, as well as other sales-related occupations, use credentialing to break into property mana
      gement roles and build relationships with other industry participants.
    • Property managers pursue credentials like CPM to secure new positions / responsibilities, and typically are better compensated once credentialed.

Regardless of the role, credentials improve opportunities for employees in the property management industry. As one senior HR manager from a company of 88,000 units told Grace Hill, People in the field recognize the value of credentials. It opens doors outside of your current organization, and upward movement within.”


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