FOMO: What You Missed at Last Week’s Apartmentalize
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The FOMO Is Real: Here’s What You Missed at Last Week’s Apartmentalize

Posted on June 30, 2022 by Grace Hill

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Grace Hill headed up the education offerings and was among the featured sponsors this year at Apartmentalize – the industry’s largest national event – which welcomed more than 11,500 excited industry professionals to San Diego last week.

Whether you connected with us at our VISTO demonstration station in the NAA booth, visited our engaging booth in the exhibit hall, joined us at our fabulous party aboard the USS Midway, or enjoyed the learning during one of our five featured breakout sessions, it was 3+ days of tremendous value and fun.

And when it comes to training and operations, you learned that Grace Hill’s enhanced product line will keep you and your company one step ahead of your competition.

We provide technology-enabled performance solutions that help owners and operators increase property performance, reduce operating risk, and grow top talent. Our industry-leading solutions covering policy, training, assessment, survey, and data-driven insights are bolstered by years of experience, in-depth service-level expertise, and outstanding customer support.

Our breakout sessions focused on top-of-mind issues:

  • How to elevate employee engagement with our CEO Kendall Pretzer.
  • The importance of self-care for resilient leaders and how to improve customer experiences in emotionally charged situations with senior director Jessica Kern.
  • The seven deadly sins of maintenance and how to rebound from the Great Resignation with senior director Stephanie Anderson.

“In a New Light” was the theme of this year’s conference. But some recurring – and even persistent – themes were woven through much of the conversation. The conference was filled with takeaways about every facet of property management including:

Hiring and retaining employees:

Attracting new team members and retaining existing ones continues to be the leading challenge the apartment industry faces.

Centralizing leasing saves costs and drives lease conversions:

AI-trained bots have cut two days off the time it takes prospective residents to choose to lease at communities leveraging these machine-learning-driven virtual leasing assistants.

Design trends that win prospects over:

With colorful, attractive interior wall backgrounds, communities can please their work-from-home residents seeking to impress coworkers and friends during video conferencing.

Mixed moods about the industry’s huge run of success:

Given inflation and an unsteady economy, never have we seen so much exuberance about the “now” for apartment rents and anxiety about its future at the same time.

NIMBY and YIMBY or Yes in My Backyard:

There’s an effective, powerful way for operators to rebuke most towns’ objections to affordable housing – show them the facts rather than be shouted down by opposition groups led by myths.

Build-to-Rent (BTR) a new path to homeownership:

More and more apartment companies are exploring these homes that meet new expectations for renters and offer a new twist on “The American Dream.”

We would love to hear about your conference experience. Please share your thoughts about Apartmentalize on our LinkedIn. And discover more about Grace Hill.


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