Training Options for Individual Rental Property Owners

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Introducing New Training Options for Individual Rental Owners

Property owner filling out leasing paperwork in compliance with FHA guidelines.
Property owners and their teams need to keep up with ever-changing compliance guidelines.

As an independent property owner, you need great compliance and skills training for your team. You also need training to be simple, affordable for your needs, and convenient. Grace Hill recently expanded training options for independent rental property owners.


Meet Visto: a one-stop shop for online property management credentials and essential training. We’ve added new courseware just for independents, and we’re offering you a great discount to try it out.

This new online course is built for rental owners who manage their personally-held multifamily property or properties. Learn the many business practices of professional property managers.

Now you can get a la carte access to Fair Housing and other Grace Hill compliance and skills courses for you and your team members. Buy courses one at a time with your credit card and pay as you go.

  • Bulk Purchases for Deep Discounts
Pay with a credit card
Buy courses one at a time with your credit card and pay as you go. Buy in bulk to receive a discount.

You can also pre-buy more than 10 courses on Visto to max out savings on your training program. The more you buy, the more you save. We’ll send you course tokens your team members can redeem for immediate online training whenever they are ready. Just fill out the form below this post if you’re interested in talking about buying in bulk, and we’ll get back to you.

  • Try it today with a 20% discount off of everything in the store.

Just type in IRO20 in the Voucher field in your shopping cart for 20% off any purchase. (Discount good until 11/1/2017!)


Finally, training your team is simple, convenient, and affordable. Check out, and let us know what you think. Submit the demo form below to have a rep contact you with more information.

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