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The Future of Policy Management Is Here

Now you can access the policies you trust through PerformanceHQ for an unparalleled user experience! Our updated user interface is intuitive to learn and can be accessed from any device. New, advanced features increase employee engagement and policy compliance with less administrative time and effort.

Improved User Experience

Automatic Assignments

Secure Acknowledgements

Enhanced Compliance Reporting

As a Grace Hill policy client, you get exclusive access to Policies in PerformanceHQ before it is released to the industry! Beat the implementation rush and streamline policies for your team. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting new platform that will transform the way you manage and distribute policies.

Enhanced Features Increase Policy Engagement and Compliance

Ensure employees get the right policies at the right time, reducing risk and boosting compliance.

Assign Policies With Ease

Protect your company by automatically assigning or excluding policies based on location, position, group, or individual! New rule-based assignments ensure each employee receives the policies that are relevant and specific to their needs.

GH PHQ Composite with Mobile
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Securely Collect Policy Acknowledgments

Raise compliance standards and protect your company with verified policy acknowledgments. Simple Electronic Signatures (SES) certify policy acknowledgments and create a digital paper trail that ensures legal compliance while simplifying the process for employees.

Enhanced Admin Experience

Our new visual dashboards capture real-time compliance performance without running a report! Admins can quickly see policy compliance for specific properties, positions, or individuals in real time.

GH PHQ Dashboard Mockup with PopOut for Compliance
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Simplify User Management

Keep employee data current with seamless SFTP imports and updates directly from your HRIS. Share policy content using Single Sign On (SSO) to authenticate users across technology platforms, saving time and increasing security.

Enhance the Employee Experience

Making policies easy to find and access at any time is so important. Research shows that when policies are difficult to find, employees are 2x more likely not to follow them and half as likely to report observed misconduct.*

Engage Employees With Dashboards

Promote policy compliance and engagement with personalized employee dashboards. Employees can easily see their required policies on their dashboard, along with newly released or recommended policies. Plus, they can add and access “favorite” policies from their dashboard without having to search.

PHQ Policies Employee Dashboard
Increase Shareability with Deep Links Professional employees discussing project on tablet pc

Increase Shareability With Deep Links

Help employees better understand your company’s expectations and improve policy engagement by securely sharing essential content at the right time through the right channel. Include policy links in your onboarding process or add manuals, like the employee handbook, to your company intranet.

Customize for Your Brand and Culture

Streamline your look and enhance the employee experience by customizing the PerformanceHQ portal with your logo and brand colors. Reinforce your inclusive culture with over 130 policy translations to embrace every employee in their preferred language.

GH PHQ Custom Brand Sign Mockup

Get the New Features Brochure

Download our new features brochure to learn more about our updated Policy solution in PerformanceHQ. Share it with your colleagues and contact us for a live, personalized demo!

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Mystery Shopping

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Credentials & CECs

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