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Enhanced Property Performance Starts with Employee Performance

Operational excellence comes from knowledgeable employees who can drive correct policy execution.

That’s why Grace Hill’s solution for the Commercial real estate market combines policy administration that puts the right policies in place and communicates them to your team in real time; training to reinforce employee knowledge; and assessment to ensure your goals are met. The results speak for themselves:

“One of the things that RXR is pushing is a digital solution. We’re trying to take property management from a 1.0 solution to a 2.0 solution. The 1.0 solution is your three-ring binder. That 2.0 solution is a digital handbook that is consistently updated on the web and available on your cell phone. Embracing technology makes us more efficient and effective.”

michael aisner

Michael Aisner, RPA, LEED AP

SVP, Property Management
RXR Realty

Powerful Technology That Drives Results


Three-ring binders are so last century. PolicyPartner for Commercial is the modern solution. Digitally develop, maintain, and communicate policies across your entire organization. Because it’s available anywhere — phone, tablet, or laptop — and always current, you’ll achieve policy compliance more efficiently, with more staff accountability and better onboarding and retention.

“Your business can be liable for outdated and inconsistently-enforced policies.”

Forbes, Ryan Bradley Lawyer, Founder, Consultant. Koester & Bradley, LLP

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Employees who are valued add value. Invest in their performance with Vision for Commercial, the industry-specific Learning Management System that helps develop and retain your team members. Timely training can mitigate risk, reinforce policy compliance, and address any knowledge gaps found through tenant surveys while ensuring your team’s goals align with yours.


of Global Organizations See Learning Management Systems as a Competitive Advantage


Everyone wants to be heard. Are you listening? KingsleySurveys provides proven survey and performance benchmarking programs that let you engage with your stakeholders to gather honest insights, identify trends, detect gaps in employee training, and assess property and team performance.

Customer-centric companies are

60% more profitable

than companies that don’t focus on customers - Forbes

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