What Multifamily Can Do To Prevent Human Trafficking Webinar
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What Multifamily Can Do To Prevent Human Trafficking Webinar

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Human Trafficking tragically impacts both individuals and communities across the nation. But how can those working in the multifamily industry make a difference? In honor of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, Grace Hill has provided this exclusive webinar covering:

  • Important Human Trafficking statistics in the U.S.
  • Why multifamily communities need to be on alert
  • What to look for if Human Trafficking has occurred
  • Strategies to implement
  • Specific courses, training, and other programs available

This special conversation is provided in partnership with iEmpathize and the SAFE CARES program. iEmpathize is a non-profit organization whose human trafficking prevention strategies are used throughout the US and Mexico, and recognized by the United Nations as being among the top 100 practices to combat human trafficking worldwide. SAFE CARES addresses the economic and social costs of trafficking with survivor-centered and preventative solutions.

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