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2018 Grace Hill Multifamily Training Benchmark Report

Posted on February 7, 2018


The Results Are In for Grace Hill’s 6th Annual Benchmark Survey on the State of the Industry

Turnover and compliance risks increase, making faster, more effective onboarding critical

We surveyed 327 companies throughout the multifamily property industry to find out what they are doing to make their training programs successful.


Each year we survey training administrators throughout the multifamily housing industry to identify key learning and development trends. We look at how companies are administering training, what challenges they’re encountering, and how they could increase success.


This year’s survey reflects a fast-paced industry under pressure to accomplish more training in less time in order to combat higher turnover and compliance risks. Many companies report keeping up with rising demands through increases in training time and improvements in technology.


Download the 2018 Multifamily Training Benchmark Report to learn more about the specific trends and opportunities facing the industry; the biggest pain points trainers experience and how they handle them; and how employee performance management, training and turnover are connected.


Get the answers:

  • What are companies spending on training budgets, trainer salaries and bonuses?
  • What was the average cost of compliance violations in 2017?
  • Which property role had the biggest increase in turnover?
  • What is the number one way to reduce turnover?


Download the full report now

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